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本当のバイリンガルの通訳・翻訳は、文化的発想も考えた活きてる言語通訳。どんなに「正しい」訳でも、表現が間違っていたら意味も変わってきてしまいます。AI 任せの通訳・翻訳も、結局そう言った肝心な部分が漏れてしまう為、特に否定的な言い方がポジティブな意味をもたらす場合にミスが目立ちます。





Susan L., Chicago, IL

"Perfect translation services, allowing myself and Japanese speaking clients to communicate smoothly as Maria translated for each party. Helped us have greater insight on the client's case."

Y. S. 


J. S., Honolulu, HI 

“Maria is my go-to for various projects. Her clear understanding of cultural nuances make all the difference. She has helped us not only understand our clients better, but enhance our client relationship.”
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